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CY7C63723-CYPRESS enCoRe Combination Low-Speed PS/2 Peripheral Controller
CY7C63723CYPRESS Combination Low-Speed PS/2 Peripheral Controller
CY2081SLCYPRESS Programmable Clock
CY7C1370CVCYPRESS 512K 36/1M Pipelined SRAM with NoBL?? Architecture
CY7C1370CCYPRESS 512K 36/1M Pipelined SRAM with NoBL Architecture
AN2131SCCYPRESS Microcontroller
CY7C65640CYPRESS TetraHub High-speed Controller
CY7C65100-CYPRESS Four-port Universal Serial Fixed-function Controller
CY7C144Cypress Dual-Port Static RAMwith Busy
CY7C144VCypress 3.3V 4K/8K/16K/32K 8/9Dual-Port Static
CY7C144AVCypress 3.3V 4K/8K/16K/32K 8/9Dual-Port Static
CY7C1399VCypress 3.0V Static
CY7C1399Cypress 3.3V Static
ICD2062BCypress Peripheral
ICD2061ACypress Dual Programmable Graphics Clock Generator
CY2310ANZCypress 3.3V SDRAM Buffer Mobile with SO-DIMMs
PLDC20RA10Cypress Reprogrammable Asynchronous CMOS Logic Device
PLDC20G10Cypress CMOS Generic 24-Pin Reprogrammable Logic Device
PLDC20G10BCypress CMOS Generic 24-Pin Reprogrammable Logic Device
CY7C1339Cypress 128K Synchronous-Pipelined Cache
CY7C1338Cypress 128K Synchronous-Flow-Through 3.3V Cache
CY7C1337Cypress Synchronous-Pipelined Cache
CY7C1336Cypress Synchronous Flow-Through 3.3V Cache
CY7C1335Cypress Synchronous-Pipelined Cache
CY7C1334Cypress 64Kx32 Pipelined SRAM with NoBL Architecture
CY7C1333Cypress 64Kx32 Flow-Thru SRAM with NoBL Architecture
CY7C1331Cypress SynchronousCache 3.3V
CY7C133Cypress Dual-Port Static
CY8C24794Cypress PSoC Mixed-Signal Array
CY7C1342Cypress Dual-Port Static RAMs Dual-Port Static with Semaphores
CY7C341BCYPRESS 192-Macrocell EPLD
CY7C109V33Cypress 128K Static
CY7C109Cypress 128K Static
CY7C68300ACYPRESS High-speed Ata/atapi Bridge Controller With ATA-6 Support!
CY7C464ACypress Asynchronous, Cascadable 8K/16K/32K/64K FIFOs
CY7C057VCypress 3.3V 16K/32K 36FLEx36?Asynchronous Dual-Port Static
CY7C63001ACypress Universal Serial Microcontroller
CY7C264Cypress Power-Switched Reprogrammable PROM
CY7C63411Cypress Low-Speed,High MbpsUSB Controller
CY7C271ACypress Power Switched andReprogrammable PROM
CY8C24223Cypress Field Programmable Peripheral
CY7C1470V25CYPRESS 72-Mbit(2M 36/4M 18/1M Pipelined SRAM with NoBL?? Architecture
CY7C63613Cypress Low-Speed, I/O1.5 Mbps Controller
CY7C4245VCypress 64/256/512/1K/2K/4K Low-Voltage Synchronous FIFOs
CY7C4245Cypress Synchronous FIFOs
CY7C63000ACypress Universal Serial Microcontroller
CY7C1360V25Cypress 256K 36/256K 32/512K Pipelined SRAM
CS5954AMCYPRESS Controller NAND Flash
CY7C4221VCypress Voltage 64/256/512/1K/2K/4K/8K Synchronous FIFOs
CY7C4221Cypress 64/256/512/1K/2K/4K/8K Synchronous FIFOs
CY7C138Cypress Dual-Port Static
CY7C138VCypress 3.3V 4K/8K/16K/32K 8/9Dual-Port Static
CY7C138AVCypress 3.3V 4K/8K/16K/32K 8/9Dual-Port Static
CY7C924DXCypress 200-MBaud HOTLink Transceiver
CY7C0852VCYPRESS 3.3V 64K/128K 128K/256K Synchronous Dual-port
AN2720SCCypress Anchor Chips Single-Chip EZ-Link
CY7C43636Cypress 256/512/1K/4K/16Kx36/x18x2 FIFO
CY7C43634Cypress 256/512/1K/4K/16K BidirectionalSynchronous FIFO Matching
CY7C43633Cypress 256/512/1K/4K/16K UnidirectionalSynchronous FIFO Matching
CY7C43632Cypress 256/512/1K/4K/16K BidirectionalSynchronous FIFO
CY7C261Cypress Power-Switched Reprogrammable PROM
CY7C192Cypress Static RAMwith Separate
CY7C371ICypress UltraLogic 32-Macrocell Flash CPLD
CY7C371Cypress UltraLogic?32-Macrocell Flash CPLD
CY7C9335Cypress SMPTE-259M/DVB-ASIDescrambler/Framer-Controller
CY7C443Cypress Clocked FIFOs
CY2273ACypress Pentium 6x86, Clock Synthesizer/Driver Desktop PCswith Intel 82430TX, 82440LX IV/IV , DIMMs
CY7C4851Cypress 256/512/1K/2K/4K/8K x2Double Sync?FIFOs
CY7C4841Cypress 256/512/1K/2K/4K/8K x2Double Sync?FIFOs
CY7C4831Cypress 256/512/1K/2K/4K/8K x2Double Sync?FIFOs
CY7C4821Cypress 256/512/1K/2K/4K/8K x2Double Sync?FIFOs
CY7C4811Cypress 256/512/1K/2K/4K/8K x2Double Sync?FIFOs
CY7C4801Cypress 256/512/1K/2K/4K/8K x2Double Sync?FIFOs
CY7C4804V25Cypress 2.5V 4K/16K/64K UnidirectionalSynchronous FIFO w/Bus Matching
CY7C4806V25Cypress 2.5V 4K/16K/64K UnidirectionalSynchronous FIFO w/Bus Matching
CY7C4808V25Cypress 2.5V 4K/16K/64K UnidirectionalSynchronous FIFO w/Bus Matching
CY7C4425VCypress 64/256/512/1K/2K/4K Low-Voltage Synchronous FIFOs
CY7C4425Cypress Synchronous FIFOs
CY7C027VCypress 3.3V 32K/64K 16/18Dual-Port Static
CY7C027Cypress 32K/64K 16/18Dual-Port Static
5962-89841CYPRESS Flash-erasable Reprogrammable CMOS Device
CY7C263Cypress Power-Switched Reprogrammable PROM
CY2077CYPRESS High-accuracy EPROM Programmable Single-PLL Clock Generator
CY7C344BCypress 32-Macrocell MAX?EPLD
CY7C344Cypress 32-Macrocell MAX?EPLD
CY7C9689Cypress TAXI?Compatible HOTLink Transceiver
W228BCypress Integrated Core Logic with 133-MHz
CY2292Cypress Three-PLL General Purpose EPROM Programmable Clock Generator
CY7C343-35CYPRESS 64-Macrocell EPLD
WB1356Cypress Dual Serial Input with 2.0- 1.1-GHz Prescalers
CY28344CYPRESS FTGforIntelPentium4CPUandChipsets
CY28344PVCCYPRESS FTGforIntelPentium4CPUandChipsets
CY7C454Cypress 512x9, 2Kx9, 4Kx9 CascadableClocked FIFOs with Programmable Flags
CY7C457Cypress CascadableClocked FIFOs with Programmable Flags
CY7C53150LCypress 3.3V Neuron® Chip Network Processor

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